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Temas de Marketing y Publicidad

Cases of Study

Advertising as an effective tool for brand building

Enterprise Rent a Car – Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders

Adidas – Planning effective Marketing Strategies for a Target Audience

Kia Motors – Using sports marketing to engage consumers

Kellogg – Using promotion to boost sales and brand values

HiTech – Using promotion to position a brand

Red Bull – Word of mouth marketing

Business Strategic Planning

Enterprise Rent a Car – Marketing and Product Strategies for Growth

Nats – Effective Strategies for Long Term Growth

IMI – Developing growth strategies to become a market leader

P&G – Creating innovation for competitive advantage

Kellogg – Using aims and objectives to create a business strategy

SKODA – Swot analysis in action

TNT – Delivering a business strategy

Corporate Environment and CSR (Corporate Social Responsability)

CAPCO – Organizational Structure in an innovative environment

Product life cycle: Definitions and how it works

Portakabin – Product innovation & the product life cycle

JD Sports – Balancing the product portfolio to satisfy consumer demand

Kellogg – Building a brand ir order to sustain its life cycle

Kellogg – How to extend a product life cycle

The importance of Market Research and Development

Barclays-Discovering customer needs through market research

Sheffield – Creating a competitive advantage through R&D

Kelloggs – Market Research

Corus – Bringing innovative products to market

Nestle – Responding to changing consumer requirements

Portakabin – Market Research

The Marketing Mix

Portakabin – Product Development, Innovation and The product life cycle

Mc Donalds – The marketing process

Diesel – Live, breathe and wear fashion

Mc Cain – The marketing mix in the food industry

Nivea – The use of marketing mix in a product launch


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